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The UNT Student Money Management Center is committed to supporting a culture of financial empowerment and lifelong learning that enhance the student experience.

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What can the SMMC do for me?

Interested in having a Student Money Management Center speaker for your class, group, or student organization? Presentations are excellent introductions to personal financial planning topics; such as goal setting, organizing finances, creating a budget, cash and credit management, insurance, student loan debt repayment, housing options, and job offers. Please submit requests no later than 10 to 15 business days prior to the intended presentation date.

The Student Money Management Center provides personal financial and money management education to students. In addition to seminars and presentations, we provide confidential individual financial consultations and planning services. All of our services are free for UNT Denton-campus students.

At the Student Money Management Center, you can:

  • Schedule personal and confidential consultations with trained professionals or peer mentors money coach.
  • Learn how to plan, track, and review income, savings, and expenses.
  • Learn how to establish and manage credit.
  • Create a financial survival plan for college.
  • Understand their credit reports and scores.
  • Create a personalized budget.
  • Plan for tuition and fee payments.
  • Research housing options.
  • Create repayment plans for student loans and personal debt.
  • Plan for expenses and living costs after college.
  • Learn how to live without their parents' money and financial support.
  • Analyze job offers and benefits packages.

There are certain services the Student Money Management Center cannot provide:

  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Mortgage and refinancing counseling
  • Investment advice
  • Contacting creditors
  • Selection of financial institution
  • Selection of financial planning services
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax advice and filling

For more information about our services, check out our brochure! (pdf)


Students attain financial independence.