SMMC Facebook Competition

Help us! Maximillion Moneypants is on the run across UNT. He has left a trail of large dollar bills around College Inn, Mozart Hall, Willis Library, and around campus.

If you see any of the large dollar bills around campus or online:

QUICK! Take a picture and tag UNT SMMC on Facebook! Each of the clues to the dollar bills' locations will be posted to the Student Money Management Center’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You’ll have until the end of Summer II semester (August 5, 2013) to find any or all of the 9 bills Maximillion has dropped. For each photo tagged the student’s name will be entered into a drawing for UNT prizes that will need to be redeemed by August 13, 2013. Winning students will be notified by UNT email and FB.

Be sure to look on our Facebook and Twitter (@UNT_SMMC) accounts for clues.

In order to be eligible for this competition and the subsequent drawing, you must:

  • Be a currently enrolled UNT Denton student
  • Like the UNT Student Money Management Center on Facebook
  • Take a picture of clues, upload them on Facebook, and tag us in the picture(s)
  • If selected as the winner, you will need to redeem the prize by August 13, 2013.