Mean Green Spring Clean


Students, UNT Student Organizations and even UNT staff


The Mean Green Spring Clean is UNT's first campus-wide yard sale

Whether you want to come out and meet other students at UNT, promote your organization or just do a little afternoon treasure hunting, UNT's Mean Green Spring Clean is where you want to be. Student organizations will sell their unwanted items for cold hard cash to students looking for great deals. Organizations raise money and students get what they want at awesome prices. It’s a win-win!


The Mean Green Spring Clean will go down at Clark Park


Friday, April 26th from 2-5pm

Organization Registration

Fill out the registration form for your organization to participate in the Mean Green Spring Clean.

Registration Form

Remember: At least one member of your organization will need to attend one information meeting to complete Mean Green Spring Clean registration.

Information Meeting Times

Monday 5-5:30pm BLB 170
Tuesday 4-4:30pm BLB 170
Thursday 5-5:30pm Chestnut Hall 324