What are the costs for SMMC services?

Our services are free to students and alumni because our office receives funding through the Student Service Fees that students pay each semester. The only fees we charge are small loan fees from our office.

What is the SMMC policy on confidentiality?

The center will not share any information with any member of the UNT or outside community unless the student gives the center permission to do so.

What services are offered?

The Center offers coaching sessions, workshops, and small emergency loans.

Coaching sessions are one-on-one appointments for students to discuss their financial situations and create an action plan. The Center offers workshops around campus and in classroom settings over different topics like budgeting or credit building. The loan programs help eligible students cover emergency expenses. Only Denton campus students are eligible to apply for these loan programs.

What if I am in a relationship? Can you meet with my significant other?

Yes. A student can bring anyone they share financial responsibilities with to a session.

Will you help me throughout my college career?

The SMMC is committed to helping students from the moment they begin their college experience to post-graduation.

Can you give me investment advice?

The SMMC does not give investment advice to students. We do provide educational materials explaining investment and retirement concepts for students to make informed decisions.

When is the SMMC available to help me?

The Center is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome.