Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to prepare students to be financially responsible in a rapidly changing world. Our vision is for students to have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to become financially responsible.

"The financial journey through college can be challenging. You are not alone. The SMMC team is here to help all Eagles soar."
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Financial Readiness Program Graphic

Financial Readiness Program

Our program provides interactive, educational outreach presentations and events related to the college experience. Our goal is to provide students with a comfortable environment to learn and have fun.
Financial Wellness Program Graphic

Financial Wellness Program

Our coaching team helps students understand their financial situations and explore various options and resources. Our goal is to ensure each student who walks into our office has the tools they need to succeed.
Eagle Support Program Graphic

Eagle Support Program

Emergencies happen. This short-term loan-based program can help eligible students facing unanticipated college and living expenses.

What Students Are Saying About Us

"Very supportive and very helpful. Also the team was very patient and professional with me."

-Mia, Freshman
"The people I talked to were friendly and gave me lots of information, I felt that they actually cared and wanted to help me figure my financial issues out."

-Li, Senior
"Amazing group of people, thank you guys so much."

-Renae, Junior

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